Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another finished Mermaid

Three cheers for Amy's spreadsheet!! She's done it again: helped yet another lost soul to manoeuvre her way through the minefield of an HF pattern with no problems at all. Not one visit to the frog pond, I swear.

I have now finished my Mermaid colourway 8 (now dubbed "the hot pink one") - as you can see from the photos above.
Having read all about all the problems of garter stitch stretching, I made my tension on the tight side, so it fits perfectly. When I blocked the sleeves, I eased them out an inch to the perfect length (I have short arms so I normally look like I'm wearing my big sister's clothes, if I'm not careful). It says in the pattern that, once you wash it, the wool sort of relaxes and so I am expecting it to grow a bit, which won't be a bad thing.
It had its first outing this morning and had a lot of admiring comments. Can't wait to do the next one!!


Chef Liz said...

Beautiful! Did you make the medium? I think I should make the small, but I really want to use Amy's spread sheet...which I have....I might try to convert it...ugh...

Ros said...
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Ros said...

I used the medium and lifted the directions straight form Amy's spreadsheet. I am a 36" bust and keeping the tension on the slightly tight side seems to have worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! How did ou adjust th tension? Using smaller needles? I'm in the same quandry about med vs small.

Linda@SquabbleHollow said...

Hi Ros,

I have posted a question on Arja's site and have not had a response yet. I am trying to get a Mermaid spreadsheet and have contacted Amy and I know she is in the process of moving and is backed up ( understandable ) This is going to be a Birthday gift for my Daughter and I really need to start this. I will answer any question to prove I have the kit and was wondering if I could get a copy from someone ?? Is there a way you could help me. Thanks.

Linda@ SquabbleHollow
email :