Monday, April 21, 2008

Gloria jacket

I am working on the Gloria jacket and am excited to see it start to take shape. The directions are not so clear...but I think I am managing. Is anyone else working on the Gloria?


Anonymous said...

I just finished my Gloria, what exactly isn't clear? Maybe I can help.

Patty in Holland

jills said...

I just struggle w/ some of the way the directions are written. I have to write them out and then tripple check them. I think I am on track now (with the help of friends). Can I contact you w/ questions as I go along?
What color did you do? I am working on black, kingfisher, and magpie (black and teal). Thank you! Jill

Anonymous said...

If anyone has questions about makingthe Gloria, feel free to contact me at I would be more than happy to help.

Patty in Holland

psyknitter said...

Can anyone help me interpret the instructions for Gloria?

I just started reading the instructions and I do understand how to make the T-Stripe.

On page 2 of the instructions it says to continue the 4-rows Texture st pat and inc 1 each 4th row=on each col C row. Does this mean that in this row there is an increase of 3 stitiches? Where do you put the third increase? Or does it mean that there should only be 1 increase? Where does that increase go?

I have the same question about the increases described on the top of page 3. Based on the number of stitches that I should end up with, it appears that there is only 1 increase when you are supposed to increase in the color C rows. Is this true and where do you put the increase?