Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ping Pong

Greetings, I'm new to this blog but relatively 'old' with Hanne Falkenberg.
I've make two mermaid jackets - the second using a Rowan yarn with exactly the same weight as that provided in the kit, I just picked out my own colors.
I'm currently completing the Ping Pong jacket, sans bobbles. I loved the shape of the jacket, but the bobbles are huge, and after testing them on a swatch, I decided that one wouldn't want to sit down wearing a garment with that many lumps on it. (And the possibility of looking something like a colorful Michelin Man, did not appeal.)
Regarding the HF patterns, I've often wondered whether there is a site that lists corrections to pattern errors - it has there never been such a case?


Ros Ritchie said...

I'm glad someone else is doing the "without bobbles" thing. I too have a Ping Pong in my cupboard waiting to be done (the turquoise blue one)and every time I have thought of starting it, the bobbles have worried me. I too have loved the shape and colour of the jacket but had real misgivings about said bobbles.

Thank you for the inspiration to do it without!! I'm looking forward to seeing your FO.

Linda said...

Do you remember what Rowan yarn you used? I've been looking for a match to the Hanne yarn but without much success! Thanks..

Ros Ritchie said...

I haven't used a Rowan yarn but a pretty good match if you are in the UK is Jamiesons of Sheltand spindrift. I kow others have talked in other blogs about other yarn alternatives if you live in the US. It's worth searching on alternative yarns to see what others have tried too.