Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Studio Long Questions from New Member

Hello all,

I am knitting my first H.Falkenberg...and I seem to a a little stuck. Would anyone be able to help me? Many thanks in advance in any case.

I am joining triangle Z to the side panel. I have slipped the small triangle stitches over the the main needle.The instructions say: With B beg at (1) from RS; k1, sl2 B(=the 3 edge-sts), sl 2 knitwise, k1 etc

confusion: what does sl2 B mean?

I don't want to move forward on this sweater until I resolve this latest challenge.

Thank you.

Cate in California


Anonymous said...

sl2 B means slip 2 stitches with yarn in back.

Patty in Holland

cate in northern california said...


Thank you so much. It seems so obvious that I thought it must mean something else. I can resume knitting my studio! (More fun than pulling weeds in the hot sun.)