Monday, June 23, 2008

Knitting Jazz Design

Hi Hanne Fans-

I am new to the blog, having just purchased my first kit, the Jazz sweater. I haven't seen that many posts about Jazz, so I thought I'd introduce myself and bring other Jazz knitters out of the woodwork.

Status on the sweater: I started swatching with a 3.0mm needle last week, and the gauge was off, so now I'm going to try a 3.5mm (US 4), but haven't started that swatch yet.

Tracy Hoover (aka Gamba Girl)

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Elaine said...

I have the jazz pattern and have been thinking about doing it. Maybe someone else working on it will motivate me.

Can you let me know how much of each color yarn you have (weight would be best, but any way of assessing it would be helpful)