Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mermaid #4

I started the body after the collar decrease with a provisional cast-on. I knit the rest of the body until the same place (I can check later and tell you precisely the start if anyone needs it) then picked up the stitches along the neck (instead of sewing the collar on later) and then picked up the front stitches from the provisional cast-on.

As you can see, I revised the collar as well, because I've not been happy with the collars, they tend to flip up instead of staying flat. So I went into SweaterWizard and used the information from that program to make a shawl collar. I knew I had more than enough yarn from the kit to do this.

Another long car trip provided the time/inclination/whatever to do the i-cord edging. (I hate i-cord, I really do!)

I just popped this in the mail for the Intended Victim (she is going to have to sew in the arms and the shoulder seams -- I was going to do it for her and realized that all of my pins are packed for moving.) This is Color #5, kingfisher, cypress and black.


Deah said...

I really like the way your collar lies flat. I have made two Mermaids to date, coral and curry. They are enjoyable to wear except I would prefer another collar. Any plans to share your modifications via this knitalong, ravelry, or elsewhere? In any event, great job!

fiberfanatic said...

I noted about the same on Ravelry as I did here, but I will write in more detail if anyone would like it.

We are in the process of moving, so it will be a few days, though!

MsHatbox said...

YES please share the way you knit the collar!

I am just about to start this kit and will WAIT for your instructions.

I have to say I am TERRIFIED to start this kit! I hope I can get through it.

JennyD said...

Pleases do share the collar modification. It looks great. I have the same kit and would love to modify the collar.

Firecracker8 said...

I too am interested in obtaining the directions for the collar. I should be receiving my kit in a couple of days and I will be anxious to start. I would really love some directions. Please!!!!! I am begging (hahahaha) My girlfriend has mermaid all done and the collar does not stay down.

Anonymous said...

Please could you tell me where you have shared details of the new collar design?
I'm new to Hanne Flakenberg designs and not experienced enough to tackle ammendments like that on my own.
Thanks so much.