Thursday, June 26, 2008

Help on choosing next project

I am more than halfway through Dacapo and in love with Falkenberg. I have been looking at other kits and have several questions. I am a hefty hourglass figure----I usually like swing jackets. I have been looking at Mermaid, Ballerina, and Gloria.

Mermaid and Ballerina seem to have some characteristics in common although Mermaid seems more fitted. Has anyone done both and have opinions on the pros and cons of each of them? Also, on for several of the projects it describes the yarn as 2 ply but knit as 4 ply. Does this mean the projects are knit with two strands? Looking at ravelry for these projects there seems to be a wide range of needle sizes used and i haven't been able to figure out if it is one strand or two of yarn.

I actually like small needles and fine gauge and have been quite happy with Dacapo, although I could see that for larger projects, one might want the fabric to have more heft.

Finally, I am not sure I have gotten the tension right on the self icord on my Dacapo--esp in the striped section. I was so worried that it would be too loose that I fear that I may have knit it too tightly. It does not pull, but it is considerably less stretchy than the rest of the fabric. I have not finished putting it together or blocking so that might change as well.

Thanks for any help.


Anonymous said...

I too love Hanne Falkenberg and after finishing my Gloria, couldn't wait to get started on my Ballerina.
HF patterns are all knit single strand, except maybe for the hat and scarves? I may be wrong. I preferred knitting the Balerina over the mermaid because I hate piecing sleeves onto a garment, the Ballerina is knit all as one and you only have the under seam of the arms to mattress stitch together. At first I found it complicated, but it isn't. I also felt that unless you have an hourglass figure, the mermaid doesn't fit right, and that I do not have. Many knitters knit designs because everyone else is knitting it. Because of the time and expense, one should be realistic and after all that work, wear something that looks great, and not wear something because everyone else is. Hanne has so many designs that look great on all types of figures. I have met Hanne in person,and she told us that the reason some patterns are not made in extra large sizes is that they are not intended for the larger figure. Is there a shop near you where you can try on her designs? If not,you can always write to Hanne herself via her website. Give her your measurements and she will be more than happy to direct you to the most flattering patterns for your figure. My friend, wanting to buy a kit for her sister, wrote to Hanne asking her which patterns suited her sister's figure best. Hanne repliled most promplty. I am so happy to have met her, she is truly a magnificent person and designer.

Patty in Holland

Sandy said...

Thanks for your advice. I never thought of asking Hanne directly for her recommendation. I will do that. I am glad that you enjoyed Gloria and Ballerina as I think those are my first choice

Marie said...

I have done both, and they are both single strand. If you're an hourglass shape I think Mermaid is a better choice. Ballerina is extremely wide, and looks great on apple shaped people and very tall people, but does nothing to show off your waist.

Robert B said...

Help, Help. I am working on the right sleeve of the decapo longer length. The number of sts. and ridges don't make sense to me. Is the pattern correct?