Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knitting the Blues

I've bought Hanne Falkenbergs new kit, Blues, and like Suzy, I think it's lovely to knit. The yarn is half cotton and half lambswool and is knitted on 3 mm needles.

If it's a vest, a short-sleeved jacket or cardigan, I don't know. I bought the kit at Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen. They had one I could try on and I felt very comfortable in it.


Anonymous said...

The colors are beautiful, but this design by Hanne surprised me, it reminds me of a Vivienne Hoxbro jacket.

Is it the same knitting technique that is used in the Gloria? First knit the single colors across, then return with all 4 colors back to then knit singly across?

Patty in HOlland

Merete said...

Hi Patty
I haven't knitted the Gloria, so I don't know and I can't decide from your description. But the Blues is knitted in a rather easy technique: You knit the front two times across without turning and the same with the back.

But I have made a Hoxbro vest and it's totally different. You knit and purl from a diagram.

Anonymous said...

Hi, The technique with the Gloria is similiar but you knit 3 times across the front without turning, then you turn and kit all three strands back across in one time, again starting over knitting inthe front 3 times acrss without turning. Makes a nice textured fabric.

Your technique seems to be similiar to the Butterfly, only you knit across without turning with each of the 3 colors, then knit back the the 3 colors across separetley without turning. Make sense???? It is too early this morning for me.

I haven't knitted any Hoxbro designs, are Hanne's easier? I have a problem following diagrams.

I think Hanne is a brilliant designer, her knits are so simple with striking results. That is after you figure out the instructions!

Patty in Holland

Elaine said...

Wow - it looks beautiful! Has anyone finished one yet?

Anonymous said...

I bought that same kit in Copenhagen this summer. I am still working on plisse so I haven't started it yet

Cynthia Read said...

Can I ask if the edging is knitted as you knit the main part as it is on the Mermaid please?


Merete said...

Hi Cynthia. Yes the edging is knitted in the same way. This yarn is much thinner than the yarn for Mermaid. So my edging on the Blues isn't so nice as on the Mermaid.

cyro11 said...

Hello Merete,

I have now ordered a kit and it arrived this morning, I'm just knitting the tension swatch. I asked Hanne a query and she mentioned that the yarn does full slightly (no shrinkage) when you do the initial wash so I think perhaps your edges will be alright then.


Merete said...

Thanks, Cynthia. That sounds promising. I think I'm nearly halfway, now knitting the front and back together. It's a brilliant pattern. You're not bored at any time.

Elaine said...

Much thinner than Mermaid! Oh moan! What's the guage for Blues? What size needle?

I absolutely love the way it looks, but ...

Merete said...

Hi Elaine. The gauge is 28 st. = 10 cm on 2½ or 3 mm needles. Approx. 280 metres per 50 gram.

Suzy B said...

Hi All

Glad you have mentioned about the edge stitches. I have really struggled with them looking messy and have ripped it back several times. I have bought some small beads to put on mine so will have an attempt at creating my own edging! In the middle of something else now though so will have to come back to it. (I am going to knit the beads in).


Carla said...

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and I'm knitting the Blues too.
I'm at page 2-3 now, where it says to change from colour A to B after 9 stripes and to dec 1 st on either side of the centre 40 st. alternately every 7th and 8th stripe. But do I start in the first 7 th stripe I come across or the seventh stripe after the colourchange from A to B.
Please let me know,

greetings Carla from Holland

Doreen said...

I would dearly love to knit The Blues with yarn that I have in my stash. If anyone has a used pattern to sell, please let me know at doreenmlewis@hotmail.com.