Friday, November 14, 2008


I am currently knitting Gloria. It's moving along fairly well but one of the things I wish the pattern had was finished measurements shown at various points on the pattern schematic. Given that this pattern, like all of Hanne's patterns, has a very unusual engineering design (which is part of the appeal to me) it is very important to know that you are not way off on the sizing, and also, to make sure that you don't want to adjust the pattern slightly (several people have complained about the size of armholes or amount of material at the armholes on several designs). Even if your swatch before starting, even a very small difference can telescope into a large one when you are talking about a row with 4 or 5 hundred stitches, especially when the garment is curved like Gloria is.

I would like to contact Hanne and ask her for measurements for Gloria and suggest that she add that to her schematics, but I could not find a contact address on her website. Does anyone have one for her?

I would have loved the same sort of info when I knit Studio Long and Mermaid, by the way.

For those knitting Blues. How is it going? Any major bumps in the road on those instructions?


Merete said...

Hi. Hanne Falkenberg's email address is:
I'm still working on my Blues. But I've accidentally mixed up two colors. I don't know if I will continue or unravel.

purple-power said...

Thanks Marete. I'm really eager to do Blues if I ever finish knitting Gloria (which I also love).

psyknitter said...

I am so happy to find someone that is working on Gloria.

I just started reading the instructions and do I understand how to make the T-Stripe, but I am having trouble understand the extra increases on the line for color C. Can you help?