Wednesday, November 19, 2008


After on and off knitting, I am almost done with knitting Ballerina.  I decided to alter the edges of the pattern and finish it with a 3 stitch applied i-cord.  I first noticed this idea on the Raineysisters blog.  My problem is this.  I only have part of a ball of black yarn left.  I know I will need more to complete this design.  My kit was the black and sage green design.  I have a full ball of the sage green left and am asking if anyone has an extra black ball.  I would be happy to trade.  I made the small which is why I thought there would be more than enough black to apply the i-cord edge.  I will post some photos if and when I am able to complete the jacket.  Thanks, Jane

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Anonymous said...

Jane, I called the place where I bought mine and got an extra ball. I , too, ran short. Did you buy it from a shop or abroad? I lvoe my Ballerina, but it took me forever.