Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blues finished

I have finally finished my Blues.
It was easy to knit when I figured out the instructions.

Unfortunately I mixed up two colors while watching TV. But as my dear husband said then it will be unique!

I made the M/L size and I am pleased with the way it turned out.


Linda said...

Hi! It's just beautiful! I was thinking about making the same color and style. Do you have any tips that might make it easier? Thanks!'s just lovely!

Ana said...

Great Job! It looks really nice on you.

Merete said...

Thank you very much, Linda and Ana. I made a table in Word with colored fields for the stripes. It made it easier to knit the WS and RS.

Ana said...

That seems to be the easiest way to follow these complex pattern for me too.

purple-power said...

It is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for modeling it. Sometimes it is very difficult to imagine how it will look on a human being rather than a pole.

I am really eager to do it. Anyone working on it? Finished? Hoping Santa will bring it?