Friday, January 16, 2009

Mermaid Shawl Collar

I was asked (quite a long time ago, I'm sorry!) for how I did my Mermaid collar. Here is as best as I can remember. Ask if you have questions.

I did the provisional cast on for the sweater at the Color A stripe AFTER the decrease for the shoulder (23 sts for size medium.) I started knitting on the right side so it matched up on the other end of the sweater. I then knit the sweater to just before you cast on the stitches for the other shoulder. Pin or sew the shoulders together at this point. I picked up the stitches across the back neck (46 for a medium) and knit both sides at the same time. That eliminated the back neck seam.

I don't have exact information on how I did the shawl collar as it is in the hands of its intended victim so I can't look at it to reconstruct my method. I placed markers on both sides as deep as I wanted the collar. I started on the center 80-90 stitches and started doing short rows until all of the stitches between the markers were used up. That gave me a collar about 7 inches deep at the widest.


Anonymous said...

I bought this kit (Mermaid) about 3 or 4 years ago - and have finally decided to start it. I have the i-cord done and have knitted 10 rows - then I started reading the directions - I know - should have done this first - and it says - AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st inside, etc., etc. Now I'm confused - was I supposed to be decreasing as I was knitting these rows??? Googled Hanne Falkenberg and found your blog - would really like a copy of the spreadsheet you might have for this pattern - but the email didn't go through - it said couldn't find server. I will check back on your blog to see if you reply with a new email for yourself. I hope this isn't too confusing - I do get to rambling at times..........Your knitted items are beautiful. OLga

Pam said...

I have been desparately trying to contact Amy for her mermaid spreadsheet for about a month now and haven't got a reply. Do you or someone you know have a copy of the spreadsheet that you could make available to me? I will answer any challenge questions. I am halfway through and could use the reverse directions. Thanks so much for your help. Pam

Celeste said...

This is great! I'm doing the same on mine right now. I did a provisional cast on after the collar decreases and began knitting away with color A. We'll see how it goes!