Sunday, January 11, 2009

MiMi, part two

Hi All,

I'm just about to frog part of this again... for the 3rd time. I've gotten myself hung up on these dratted texture stripes. Reading the swatch instructions, it gives an indication that 16 texture stripes gives more or less the 10 cm, and that the 16 texture stripes should be 48 rows.

But then below, it says that a texture stripe is seen as three rows knit and three rows purl.

Long story short -- I'd come to the second row of decreases, looked at the completed work, and thought.. that's way too small. So I ripped it out with the idea that a texture stripe should be 6 rows, and I'm almost back up to the 13 texture stripes. But at this point, I've nearly reached 16 cm... which is way too large. Then I looked at the actual dimensions of the finished garment, and realized I was right the first time.

Considering it takes me nearly 20 minutes to knit one of the rows (before any decreases occur), I'm seriously considering stuffing this thing in the closet and leaving it there for awhile.
-- Laurie

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Anonymous said...


I'm going to knit "Mimi" myself when I've finished "Patent" which I'm on now, and I would write to Hanne herself, if I had a serious problem with one of her models. She is a very nice and "down to Earth"-person and will help you I'm sure. Her homepage is and you will find her mailaddress there.
Regards Helle R, Denmark