Saturday, June 02, 2007

Finished with LUDO children´s jacket

I got so bored with this project that it´s taken me forever to finish it!
But here it is in all it´s beauty. I´m very happy with the result at least.
There´s a good 1/3 of the yarn left if not more, which makes me a bit sceptical that I´ve done something wrong, but the knitting is right on gauge and the jacket fits. Except the super-wide arms, but I´ve taken care of that.

Now I just have to get some nice hooks and my 4-year old will have his new Hanne Falkenberg LUDO jacket.


Denise/CT said...

Aww, Looks great! Love the color combo. Yes, she does make her sleeves a bit wide doesn't she? How did you handle this?

Elaine said...

I was going to say exactly the same thing - it looks beautiful and how did you deal with the sleeve depth? Did you seam up part of the hole and sleeve or did you adjust the pattern so it didn't turn out so wide?

Anonymous said...

wow, fabulous colours!

fiberfanatic said...

That is wonderful! I may have to buy one myself! I find it funny that I hate garter stitch, but I love her patterns!

Sibylle said...

But the kit includes also the yarn for the hat, that might be why you have that much leftover :)