Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stockinette Anyone?

Has anyone tried altering any Hanne design by knitting all or part of it in stockinette rather than garter stitch? I love the shapes of her designs and the clever colorings, but I'm generally not crazy about how garter stitch looks and find knitting it very boring.


Sandra D. said...

I don't have personal experience and will be interested to see if anyone does. But my first thought is that most of the designs won't work because of the ratio of stitch gauge to row gauge in stockinette vs. garter. But I'm not a technician.

Jen said...

I had the same thought as above. It would take a lot of recalculation to rework one of HF's designs for stockinette. I found DaCapo's design just brilliant--can't imagine attempting to stray from it. Also, do you think the drape would be too different?

purple-power said...

You've voiced exactly my concerns and that's why I asked if anyone had tried it. Since the mermaid, for example, is knit side to side, I figured adjusting would not be too tough since you can do fewer rows to get the same width, but the drape was what I was concerned most about.