Monday, June 25, 2007


My DaCapo has finaly arrived. And I got started right away. The wool is just perfect. I'm still not sure what size to make it though. Have to decide soon (the start is the same for all sizes). Normally I would choose an M size. But I've read some things about very long sleeves, and I'm also a bit worried that with time the finished jacket may become a bit bigger through wear and tear. So I may decide to go for an S.

Any advise on size is much appreciated!


Ellen said...

I made my Da Capo in the small size with short sleeves on #2 needles, and it still ended up big. A short visit to the dryer on low heat made it an acceptable size, but the (short) sleeves are definitely full length. BTW, I also had a lot of yarn left over.

Jen said...

I made mine following the medium size, long sleeves; when I finished the sleeves seemed too short but wet blocking took care of that.