Monday, July 02, 2007

another KAL

hi all! because my Mermaid is taking forever to finish, I've also joined in with the Tour de France KAL. who knows that'll give me a good kick in the behind. would love to finish my project before the cyclists do on July 29th. anyone want to come along for a ride? you'll find me among those wearing green jerseys. deadline for signing up is 3pm London time on 7th July 2007, this is when the official start for the Tour de France Prologue is.

join in, it looks like a fun Knitalong and a great way to speed up your knitting! besides random prizes there are prizes for those who score enough points by posting on the KAL blog.

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Ros said...

Love the Tour de France and am glued every night but I am right in the middle of a project at the moment and know myself well enough not to stop now! but, thanks for the tip off. Looks like a lot of fun.