Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Studio or Studio Long

Has anyone knitted Studio or Studio Long? I was interested in this pattern before I purchased Ballerina and was told that Ballerina was easier to knit. I can't believe either Studio would be more difficult. Please let me know.


angela said...

I knitted my own version of Studio long and it is much easier to knit than Ballerina.
here is a pic from my Stuido - I called it "hundertwasser" because of the colours.
just let me know if you have more questions!

(I knitted a Mermaid and a Ballerina and a La Strada..... so I think I have some experiences with hanne)

Janice said...

Angela, Thanks for your feedback on the Studio design. I believe that will be my next project. Your variation is great. Janice

kath snow said...

Hello, I have knitted studio 4 times and been delighted with the results. I think it is a very attractive design. Mine were all the small length. Happy knitting. Kath. I also knittd Tweedie, and de capo, which are equally enjoyed.

fiberfanatic said...

Gorgeous Angela!

I knit Studio Short and found it fun to knit, the pictures got lost when I changed computers. A good friend has it, the colors were better on her than on me.

Steph said...

I am just finishing Studio. I love it but had problems with some of the pattern directions. I only wish I had known about this site earlier.

Spit Splice said...

I am only 5 to 7 days (shipping time from East to West Coast) from beginning my first Studio (yippee!) I have discovered that I am more likely to put on a tee/tunic/pullover rather than a sweater/jacket. So, I am very excited to get started on my first Falkenberg. Given my 60" in total height, I am thinking I am better to do the Studio short - eh? I imagine I will need to control excitement to cast on and be sure that I read through the pattern before starting. I will welcome your comments and support as I begin this adventure.

Spit Splice said...

I am beginning to knit Studio Short, my first HF (yippeee!) This is my reward for landing a very nice new job (yippee!) Anyway, I am wondering if there a spreadsheet for this pattern?

I may not (yet) be able to vision this pattern properly, and still I have a couple of questions even as I am getting started:

RE: M1. Rather than lifting the strand and knitting into the back, would it be acceptable to Make One with a backward loop (ala Elizabeth Zimmermann)? Or is there something in the design that needs to have that strand below pulled up and knitted?

RE: YO. My question is similar as above. Could it be acceptable to simply lay on a backward loop onto the right hand needle and then eliminate the Twist 1 on the following row?

Thank you kindly for your feedback and guidance
Peace be,