Sunday, July 22, 2007

Promenade problem

This will be my first post on any KAL discussion. I'm working on the Promenade shawl in the mustard color combo. The kit consists of only 5 colors. However, the instrucstions indicate you know several ridges in "f" which would be a sixth color. What to do? Also, if I'm following the directions correctly my colors don't reflect thepostcard picture that came with the kit. Has anyone else knit this with only five colors? I'm thinking of looking at the photo and trying to copy the colors for those rows. BTW, when it comes to the chart there are only five colors shown so that part is right. It's just the first 20-26 rows before following the chart begins. Thanks for any help. Sally


Tricia said...

Hello, I haven't knit Promenade, but my instructions for Pagode also showed colorways with fewer colors than the 6. Each colorway has its own chart, but yes, there were 6 rideges added in color A which weren't on the chart. All the colorways had a color A, so it didn't present the same problem you have.

Can you tell from the picture what color the edges were? I looked at the picture on Hanne's site, and the edges look like Mustard for quite a number of rows until you get to either rust or cherry narrow stripe?

Sally said...

Thank you for your suggestions. In looking at the photo and the colors listed for the shawl, I certainly wouldn't have called the colors by the names he gives them. I'm supposed to be using "mustard" but the photo sure looks more like olive to me and the mustard seems to be much farther up. I have decided to just follow the photo til I get to the chart and then go from there. I'm hoping this won't result in a shortage of yarn. I looked at her website and there's no way to contact her to ask if additional yarn is available. Thank you again.

Sally said...

Oops--should have written "she" gives them. Sally

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

There is a way to communicate directly with Ms. Falkenberg, here's the url for the page on her website:

Go to the last dealer on this page which looks like this:
Hanne Falkenberg Design
Fuglsang 5B
9550 Mariager
Tel +45 9854 2855
Fax +45 9854 2815

Good Luck, Jules.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your help. Actually I finally figured it out--with no help from the directions, I must say. From what I can tell there are two charts in my directions. Neither one is labeled but one has five colors and one six. So I'm assuming if your shawl is one with the six colors you use the one on the left. And if your kit has only five colors then you use the chart on the right. It would be immensely helpful if the charts were labeled. I'm hoping my hunch is right because I'm about 30 rows into the chart on the right.

Gracie said...

I'm really interested in your comments and your progress. I would LOVE to make this shawl - and I WILL do so one day. In the meantime, you're helping me prepare.

Kim said...

So glad you asked about this. I, too, am starting the Promenade in the blues and greens with cranberry accents. I was having the EXACT SAME ISSUE with the instructions. I guess I'll follow the diagram with the 5 colors even though my instructions say to use the other diagram showing 6 colors. Very confusing. I, too, hope that I end up with enough yarn,

Anonymous said...

If anyone still reading this I am still confused- I do not have color F which is noted in several parts before the chart and then on other panels.

I have all colors for the chart but before chart are two ridges one in F followed by E. So what to do about the F- I emailed the info dk with no response.