Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Plisse - decreasing for sleeve !

I have learned so much just reading all your posts ... what beautiful projects! Last summer I went to Copenhagen ! I purchased "Plisse" in Raspberry and finally got brave enough to cast on. I am really enjoying knitting this sweater. I am stuck on the sleeve decrease. ( I am making size large. )

165 stitches needles ...

Cast off 3 sts in each side 4 times - does this mean that I will decrease 12 sts ? or 24 sts?

Then 2 sts in each side 3 times - decrease of 6 (right side/wrong side) or 12 (beginning of row, end of row) ?

This is where I stopped ... I am thinking I should have bound off at the beginning and end of each row ... but I bound off "each side" as wrong side, right side ... so I have 147 sts on my needles .. but I should have .... 129 sts (147 - 18 = 129 ) I think ....

Now decrease 1 st in each side on every RS row ... repeat these 2 rows 3 times - decrease 3 ?

Continue edge sts but dec only on every 2nd RS row (= every 4 row ) 15 times - decrease 15 ?

I am supposed to end up with 93 sts ... but doing the math with the higher number of decreases in the bind off rows ... I still get 111 stitches (Math is NOT my talent)

Has anyone made Plisse that can help? Or do you have lots of Hanne experience, can you guide me with these instructions?


Ros Ritchie said...

Hi. I haven't done the pattern so please forgive me if this is wrong. The maths should go something like this:
Dec 3 at each side 4 times = -24 sts (141 sts on ndls)

Dec 2 at each side 3 times = -12 sts (129 sts on ndls)

Dec 1 st at each side 3 times = -6 sts (123 sts on ndls)

Dec 1 st at each side 15 times = -30 (93 sts on ndls)

Hope this helps

Debbieknits said...

THANK YOU! I didn't figure in the "at each side" on the last two decreases !!!! I will take out my bind off rows and be on my way again. I appreciate your help!

Anne said...

I have knitted DaCapo and Mermaid
and thought I had these pattens pretty much figured out. However, I am stuck on "Diva" with the collar.

I have knit the 9 ridges in A. Here's where I get lost.
1) When I decrease once every 7 ridges, do these ridges count towards the short ridges?
2) I turn for the short ridges at the same spot all 13 times?

Ros Ritchie said...

Anne - I suggest you post this as a main blog request for help. People tend to miss questions like yours if they are buried in the body of another blog as a comment.