Saturday, March 31, 2007

Coral Mermaid

I finished my Coral Mermaid today. This is my second completed Mermaid kit. My first was Mermaid with Curry in November 2006. The coral kit was a Christmas gift from DH and very enjoyable to knit. Amy's spreadsheet is helpful. Orchids to Jane at Cucumberpatch UK.


Gail said...

Congratulations! This sweater is fantastic.

Could you help me?
I have just started a Mermaid sweater using a provisional cast on. Did you use this method? If so, did you knit one row into the provisional cast on with Hanne yarn and then the next row begin the pattern with "row one?"
Thanks for your help. Your sweater looks fabulous, the colors are great.

Deah said...

Gail, thank you for the compliment. Regarding your question about the cast on, I used a provisional cast on. Waste yarn in a contrasting color holds the cast on stitches, Hanne yarn, in place. After casting on, I knit row 1 of the pattern. Hope this information is helpful to you.

Denise/CT said...

Beautiful job, you are fast. Your actually going to get to enjoy both your sweaters within the same winter season. You go girl!
Now what are you going to knit for number three? >G<
I agree Cucumberpatch UK is great to do business with.
Congratulations on a great job and kudos to hubby for a great gift.

fiberfanatic said...

Looks gorgeous!

Deah said...

Thanks for the compliments. The spreadsheet helps me pace my knitting, similar to Pert/Gantt charts. It is interesting to use Excel for something other than net present value, internal rate of return, and other financial analyses. My next projects are socks with Trekking XXL #69 and the cardigan on page 128 in Poetry in Stitches. Lastrada and Lascala are future HF projects :-).