Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have spend the last couple of days reading just about every post in this blog, as I am about to start knitting the mermaid. I will order the yarn tomorrow when I receive the colour scheme -if I can make up my mind :-)
Hopefully I will be able to read the pattern (I have it in danish -being danish myself) but I am a little worried as I am not an experienced knitter.
However, reading the posts have been a great help so for, now I just wait for a copy of the spreadsheet as it seems to be a must have.
A friend of mine has made the mermaid, but she can't cope with the wool. Does any of you have experiences in making it using a different kind of fiber? I will be using shetlandwool myself.


Anonymous said...

I am about to start Mermaid too. Like you, I'm not using the wool that came with the kit. Instead I bought a shetland wool, which is in fact from Denmark :) I think as long as the gauge is correct, it'll work out perfectly.

Anonymous said...

See I've been dreaming Mermaid ... (my secret pal LUL introduced me to her!) just choosing colours