Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tokyo information

Hello everyone,
As I am drawing to the end of my Lastrada project I have wondering about starting another Hanne. I am really interested in the Tokyo jacket but I haven't seen any feedback about how difficult it is. Have any of you seen the pattern or knitted the jacket and can give any insight to that project before I spend up big and take the plunge?
Thanks, Carolyn


Denise/CT said...

Tokyo looks to be knit differently than the others mentioned here. Great stitch pattern. I wonder too, anyone knit this yet?

Deah said...

I believe Tokyo is based on slip stitch.

wendy said...

I am knitting Jazz, but have looked at doing Tokyo. I think it is a similar pattern based on modular knitting. It really is not all that hard. You only knit with one color at a time for two rows, then the second color the next two rows. The pattern occurs when you slip from behind and in front the opposite color. Really not too hard!