Thursday, November 22, 2007

Studio Long

I'm knitting and am getting close to where the neck opening begins. I finally sat down and read through the instructions (I've just been working locally, reading as I go along).

As I understand it, the first piece I knit is the back which will include a part of the sleeve and about half of the back of the neck opening, and the left side of the neck opening. Then I'll stop and knit the same thing for the front and the rest of the back of the neck, the right side of the neck, and the front of the neck opening.

And then I will knit the 2 pieces together by knitting one stitch from each piece together along the line numbered 7. Is that right?

Thanks for either affirming or stopping me from making a huge mistake.


Jinx said...

You're perfectly right.;) The best thing is just to follow the instructions (number of stitches are given frequently for checking). What you're knitting are two asymetrical pieces of fabric which will make a garment just after knitting them together in the middle.

purple-power said...

Thanks so much Jinx. However, I am puzzled by something you said. I have the Swedish version (which is tricky because I don't know Swedish at all, but it was translated for me).

One of my greatest complaints is that it does NOT specify how many stitches you should have and so it is difficult to decide whether or not you are interpreting things correctly or not. I noticed in an earlier post that you had the German version. Can you tell me at what points numbers of stitches are specified? I would love to be able to check that I am on track.

Jinx said...

I will do so, but which size do you knit?

purple-power said...

Hi Jinx,

I'm knitting a size large. Thanks so much.