Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Has anyone completed Hanne's Tokyo jacket? I am interested in seeing a photo of someone actually wearing the jacket. The only photos I can seem to find show the jacket hanging on a pole. It looks lovely. I am very tempted to give it a try but it has been some time since I was as thin as a pole. Would anyone who has made this jacket be willing to post/ share a photo of someone wearing it?

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy knitting .

Jenny D


purple-power said...

I haven't but that is the same complaint I have about many of the sweaters - they look beautiful on bean poles, and even on dressmaking models with no arms, but how do they look on real people. Even when they are shown on people, the arms are often up in the air or out to the sides and so you can't see how they lay along the armholes (are they huge?)

It would be wonderful if people would model their finished sweaters on human bodies showing both the front and the back on normal women - it would make it much easier to decide to invest the time and money in making it and help us decide whether it is right for our body-types.

InaBech said...

See this view of Tokyo:

JennyD said...

Thank you for sharing your photo. The sweater looks great. Was it fun to knit?

Robin C-C said...

Dear Jenny D,
I've been knitting the Tokyo jacket on and off (mostly off) for nearly a year now. It is slow going--you use size 3 or 3.5 needles--and I take breaks from it to knit other, quicker projects. That said, it is very satisfying to knit--the pattern is elegant, as the two-color effect is achieved by slipping stitches and knitting with only one color at a time. You do have to pay attention, though; if you mess up it's pretty obvious as the pattern is so visible.
I'm in Williamsburg, not too far from you. If you're ever down this way and want to see what it looks like before investing (it ain't cheap), let me know.

Robin C-C