Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Diva Help Needed

Hi I am knitting Diva and am beginning decreases for the collar. I am totally confused about the OUTER EDGE decreases, is there someone who can help with the directions for K2tog within the 3 slipped edge stitches? Does this mean to slip the 1st st knitwise, k2tog, then slip the 4th st purlwise?

Help, yo no comprendo :0

thanks, Jules


Problem resolved! The instructions say to decrease inside the 3 edge stitches, and I think it means to k2tog right after the 3 edge sts. I tried to k2tog inside the 3 edge sts which made a weird wonky edge. I ripped that section out and am continuing with the new understanding that the edge sts remain constant while the decrease happens adjacent to the edge.


Arja said...

sorry i wasn't around for a week, overseas visitors kept me busy so i wasn't around to answer your question. where are all those other divas LOL
hope things worked out well with yoru diva collar eventually!

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

Hi Arja!

yes, the collar was confusing for me, I think I should have knitted the back collar to the stripe section, now I am trying to figure out how to sew down the collar flaps neatly. How did you sew/ attach the garter stitch edge to the icord edge?? I think I'll leave the collar finishing until the end, now for sleeves.

DanaO said...

I noticed you have knit Diva and was looking for some help. I have cast off for the armholes and put the 92 left and right front stitches on holders. Now it talks about working the back seperately. How far up do you go before you shape the shoulders? It talks about 9 decreases I have done one round (two A and one B row), do I do 9 more? Usually she tells you how many black stripes to knit... I am confused and can't seem to find anyone who can help. It would be greatly aprreciated. Dana Osborn