Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ballerina Small or Medium

I bought yarn to make another Ballerina. I know, that will be #4, but I love this pattern so much! More Brown Sheep NatureSpun Sport, which I love. We were at the Brown Sheep Outlet on our vacation, and I just couldn't resist! You wouldn't believe the amount of yarn I decided to get! And then again, you just might!

Right now I'm trying to decide whether to knit a medium or a small. I'm a medium right now, but working on changing shape to a small. I'd love to have this fit when I reach my goal weight, I'd hate to put all the work into it and have it be too big at the end. But there is that niggling feeling in the back of my mind that says it is more practical to knit to where I am as opposed to where I'd like to be.

Anyone else in this situation? What would you do?

I also bought some new hand-painted Nature Spun Sport, there is a part of me that thinks it might be glorious with 2 other (solid) yarns in a Mermaid. Anyone else tried this?


Dorthe said...

I would if you are detement to loosing weight go for the small. It will be at nice present when you get to the goal

Ros said...

Hi. I lost nearly 5 stone last year. I chose to wait until I was the smaller me before embarking on my Mermaid and am glad I did. But you have got to do whatever you think best for you. You could either wait until you've hit your target weight and knit it in the smaller size as a reward or knit it in small now as an incentive. Either way, I wouldn't knit it the bigger size as it will be wasted effort.

Patti said...

You said this will be your fourth. I hope you kept at least one of the other three for yourself, and so have a medium to wear already. So why not do a small? It'll be incentive and a reward for achieving the goal. Either way, you'll have one that fits.

Anonymous said...


Imadethe med/large and was wishing
I ha made the small/med. You can block larger but you cannot make it smaller.