Monday, October 15, 2007

Mermaid size Large

Has anyone knit the mermaid in large and used Amy's spreadsheet as a guide (since it is size medium). Did that make it easier or add to the confusion?


sherri said...

I think the spreadsheet is a wonderful tool. I am making it in the size medium. That pattern is so confusing to me. The spreadsheet makes it an easy(although time consuming project on the small needles)project.

Jess said...

I think the question is a little different from the one you answered sherri. Using the spreadsheet for a size medium to knit a size medium is clearly a big help.

But if you are knitting a size large where the numbers of stitches/number of rows are different, does it still help or does it confuse more than help. To answer that, someone must have knit the sweater in size large and tried using the spreadsheet.

sherri said...

OOps. Forgive me. I feel stupid. I thought the spreasheet was for a size m/l, meaning that the coat would fit a person of either size. Isn't that the way Hanne's pattern is written? sorry.

amy! said...

Sherri --

Mermaid comes in S, M, & L. Different from Ballerina with S/M and M/L.

Purple-power --

A large spreadsheet will be available shortly. I'm trying to catch up on older requests and then I'll announce it.

sherri said...

AHA. Mystery solved, AMY. I thought they were sized like Ballerina. My bad.

RickiLynn said...

Purple-power, I am adapting Amy's size medium spreadsheet to a size small. I think it is easier having some basis to understand what I'm doing even tho I'm having to delete some rows, change the number of stitches and move around where I'm doing increases and decreases. Actually - I bet it would be easier to convert from medium to large since you will just need to add to what Amy has done rather than delete. Amy's spreadsheet is especially helpful for the second half of the body where you need to "reverse" what you previously did. It is a lot easier to "visualize" having an example even tho it also needs to be revised.

Bottom line is that I think the spreadsheet in size medium is better than no spreadsheet at all.

Unless you wait for Amy to distribute the one she already has.

Ros Ritchie said...

There is a spreadsheet in size large. I adapted her medium spreadsheet for size L and sent it to Amy for checking. I am somewhat reticent about sending it out as I know amy has it in her plan to do so. Hang on in there - it will be worth it.

Sallyp said...

Hi Ros

I have written to Amy for the spreadsheet on the Mermaid. I did not mention however that I needed the large. I also notice that these comments were all posted in October last year. Is the large Spreadsheet available?