Tuesday, October 02, 2007

she's blocking

did I mention how happy I am with the amount of stretching a rib stitch offers? I should probably have made size L, but insisted on using Amy's spread sheet, which was only available in M. meanwhile I noticed Elaine has posted a picture of us when she visited Amsterdam a while ago. Yes, that is Mermaid in my hands.


Elaine said...

It looks beautiful so far! Glad you liked the photo. Once you've sewn it together, why don't you post a photo of yourself wearing it. There are so many photos of Hanne sweaters on hangers, on beds, floors, but few on REAL people. Inspire us!

sherri said...

I am also going to be in Amsterdam in April. I am so excited to come to Holland. Are there wonderful yarn shops? I hope to get in contact with Arja as well before we go.