Friday, October 12, 2007

To those who knit size small Mermaid

OK - I will soon be at the point where I place a MT on the shoulder to mark the beginning of the neck shaping.

The pattern says: Place the MT in ridge 8, (7), 8 - for sizes Small, Med, Lrge.

Does the "8" for size small work out? I'm kinda surprised that it isn't 6, (7), 8.

I have searched high and low for errata on this pattern but cannot find any.

Amy - do you have any insight?



amy! said...

Ricki --

I don't have the pattern handy right now, but I do know there were some things that just didn't work out right for me when I was knitting and making the original spreadsheet.

However, because of the way things shift around a little between sizes, you may find that you are starting to shape for the neck at ridge 8, not 6. The important thing is that whereever you do make the change, you need to mark it, and it should roughly match how wide the front was and where you shape on the other side. The MT is just to let you know where you need to join the front.

So, do it where it makes sense to you. And as you're adapting the spreadsheet to small, make a note on the line where you do it stating that it differs from the main pattern and why. If other small-size knitters later think it's supposed to work out differently, we can fix it.

RickiLynn said...

I ended up putting the M on ridge 8. After thinking about it - it makes sense for the smaller size neck to begin "after" the size medium. Actually I think size large is the one that should have started earlier. I'm past that point now - on the far side of the back gusset!

Elizabeth said...

Hi -- I'm doing the Mermaid size small for a friend, and am wondering if there's an adapted chart. I'm working from a medium, Amy, that I got at Twisted Yarns, where I got the kit -- or got with online directions. I've started adapting a chart myself, to keep track of the incredibly complex directions. This feels necessary, but very obsessive compulsive, and it takes a long time. So... if there are others who've gone before me, I'd love some help!