Sunday, October 07, 2007

Version 1 of Amy's Spreadsheet - size small

FYI - I emailed the first version of Amy's Mermaid spreadsheet for size small to her this AM. She has agreed to handle the distribution. Not sure if she will just add it to the size medium spreadsheet or keep it separate. The body pattern is finished up to row 340 and I have knit up to row 255. If anyone uses it - please let me know if you find any mistakes. I think it is correct but you never know. Here is my body so far. I'm very happy with it! Hope it fits as well as it looks.

I'll send her more of the spreadsheet as I get more done.. probably the rest of the body in the next version.



Anonymous said...

Why aren't you carrying the yarn at the bottom?

RickiLynn said...

I guess I could have - I wanted the edges to look cleaner so I plan to weave them in.

RickiLynn said...

I did carry the turquoise/green yarn across the striped sections.. I just didn't carry the turquoise/green across the blue section.

amy! said...

Rickilynn --

If you tuck the carried strands behind the Sl 2 for the hem, all the strands are "held" and the hem looks very nice. I think I mentioned it in my project notes. It made it very easy to work and not have to weave in any ends.