Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mermaid Spreadsheet update

I've updated the Mermaid spreadsheet to fix a few things I found during my knitting (I'm just past the center back, but I'll post that progress later). I also charted out the sleeves after a few requests from those of you who are ahead of me. Again, the usual warning that I have not knit it yet!

If I sent you the Excel or PDF version in the past, I've sent you an update. If you didn't receive it, please e-mail me.

If you're new to the group and would like a copy of the spreadsheet, send me an e-mail with the link above. I'll reply with a challenge question to verify that you own the pattern. When you answer that, I'll e-mail the spreadsheet in whichever format you prefer. Please note, I've only charted out size Medium.


Annie said...

Amy, I second what Lyn said in the previous post. Thank you!

Patty said...

Hi, I just discovered this site and am super excited. I am working on Decapo and have a couple of other Hanne kits in the wings. I will have my blog up by the end of March. I have completed my spreadsheet in excel for the back and the sleeves of Decapo if any one would like it.

Patty in Arizona