Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ballerina Spreadsheet

I'm working on one. In collaboration with a couple of Ballerina knitters. I just finished deciphering and charting the first sleeve and am rounding the back. Can I just say, this one is far more tedious than Mermaid. When I get to halfway, I'll make it available.

Just wanted you all to know it was coming. Stay tuned.


Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Hanne knitters everywhere are indebted to you.

Ana said...

Amy you are an angel!
With your spreadsheet this pattern will be a breeze!

Ellen said...

Since I could not have made my Mermaid without using your wonderful spreadsheet....(I bought a couple more of HF sweaters and I thought I could read the directions, stupid me-disaster)...I would love to get some help for Ballerina, LaStrada, and Pagode. I'm totally lost with her directions. The little yarn balls are sitting and waiting for me....Your spreadsheet worked perfectly for me in all respects and I thank you very much...Keep us posted.