Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hi !

I came across this BLOG when doing research on my HF-Kit for the PYRAMIDE jumper.
Does anyone have any expierience with PYRAMIDE ... I saw the finished product in Ribe/DK this summer, got the wool & the pattern ... but now I can't make sense of the pattern :

basic problem: I can't recall what the real jumper looked like:
ie the instruction talks about Vorderteil ( frontpiece) and Rückenteil ( back) and Aermel ( sleeves). and the description tells me to start with 408 stiches
....... that would make a lenght of ca 170 cm ...... ?????????????
Any comment/ help welcome

Gruss Eva


Becky said...

Eva, If it helps, you can see pictures of the sweater here:

angela said...

Hi, it seems to me you have a German pattern?!
Well, it is clear that you need so much stitches because you knit "um die Ecke" - Falkenberg's models are often knitted in one piece... shaping is done by decreasing or increasing. So you need a lot of stitches in the beginning - that's ok.
just start according to your pattern - it will turn out perfectly!

eva said...

Hi Girls!
Thanks for the link + yes, it is a "german" pattern -
Last night I got started ( a trial with old wool) ! :-)
I just ignored my doubts and ! ..after 6Qrips I begin to "see" ! at least: I have a vague idea of what I'm supposed to do !

Thanks and " a bientot" !