Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Late Coming to the Knitting

I joined the blog some time ago, but never actually started knitting my Mermaid. For some odd reason, grin, Amy getting the Ballerina spreadsheet ready to go triggered a NEED to start my Mermaid.

The beige yarn is a camel/silk that I was given, I'm using 2 strands at a time. The brown and rust are Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport. I LOVE the way the Naturespun knits up in this pattern, the camel/silk is stiffer and of course there is the need to pick up both strands!

Yesterday, after knitting for 4 hours in the car to go to a doctor appointment, I wasn't sure if the camel is the right color. It is cooler than the other two colors. But, I really don't want to frog this much! Nor do I have another yarn on hand to substitute. So, I think I'll probably knit on, and figure that was a tantrum because of the time in the car. Today, on the 4 hours back (as well as the time waiting in the doctor's office), I've made more progress, and I think I'm pleased with how it looks.


Sandra D. said...

I like the colors at lot! Also glad to hear that Nature Spun Sport works well.

Ana said...

I think it looks good! Keep knitting! Be sure to share your progress with us.