Monday, September 18, 2006

Da Capo Days

One sleeve done, the front begun! I continue to be pleased by how cleverly this sweater is constructed. So far, everything has worked according to the instructions (as long as I have followed the instructions!) I have planned a trip to New York for late October and will take da capo to keep me warm in the brisk fall air. In Tallahassee in September, though, I have to turn down the air conditioning just to work on it.



Ana said...

Oh that looks great! I love the progress pictures!

marcia said...

Ana, it looks great! I'm about to start knitting Da Capo, and I have a question about the sleeves. The pattern gives instructions for two sleeve lengths, long and short, but it doesn't anywhere give actual lengths for the long vs short. Is the short a 3/4 length sleeve? Or just a full length sleeve for someone with shorter than average arms? What sleeve length did you chooose, and what length did it come out?

Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Wow, looks great! I think you'll be done with that in a week at this rate!

Ellen said...

Marcia - The short sleeve pattern gave me a 21" sleeve, measured at the underarm seam. This comes to my wrist, since the sweater doesn't fit too close to the body. I was hoping for a bracelet-length sleeve, and this is longer than I anticipated.
BTW, I am 5'2" but I don't have particularly short arms.

Hope this helps.

nyproducer said...

Hey, Ellen --
I'm a member of the DaCapo club -- my first HF project - and one that has given me much pause along the slow and winding path to completion.
How did yours look, once completed? Are you happy with it? Have you moved on to another design?
Would be interested in seeing your finished jacket.
Ciao -