Thursday, April 06, 2006

Completed Mermaid

I finished seaming and "blocking" Mermaid last night. Really there was no blocking to speak of- I just followed the pattern instructions to the letter.

I wrote more about Mermaid and have a few more pictures on my blog.

I've enjoyed this group and will definitely keep reading and watching everyone's progress. I'm still thinking about possibly doing another Hanne design- this one was such fun.

Thanks again to Amy and Becky!


amy! said...

Annie! It's gorgeous and looks great on you!

Meredith said...

Beautiful job! I really have to get going on mine.

Ricki Simon said...

Love those colors.. I have a Mermaid in turquoise waiting to be done but I'm considering the pinks in a Ballerina.

Ana said...

Annie, I would love to see the finished project but the link is broken. Can you post it again?