Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yet another Mermaid Spreadsheet error

Those of you who aren't knitting Mermaid are probably wondering why anyone would ask for the spreadsheet from the crazy lady who keeps making mistakes in it. :)

Tonight I picked up Mermaid again (after banishing it for a while after the massive frog back to row 45 following the shoulder hem error found in the spreadsheet. If you didn't see my frogging post on my blog, click here. I worked a pair of cool Socks that Rock in the meantime to make Mermaid needles seem HUGE.) Anyway....

I was carefully double-checking the instructions for each row as I knit it and discovered that there's an error in the hem gusset sections after the center row for the gusset. I don't include the instruction to k6 more after the k2tog in the non-bracket instructions. It's something you were probably doing without noticing. I know I was before, because I looked back through my older versions of the spreadsheet and found it existed from day one. A couple of you have finished with my spreadsheet and have beautiful Mermaids, so I'm not so worried that it was a huge problem.

Anyway, work's a bit crazy for the next few days, so I won't get to the update until this weekend. I e-mailed everyone who has gotten the spreadsheet already to let them know. If you've recently asked me for it, and haven't gotten a response, I'll ask you the challenge question, but then I'll be holding off sending it until I can get it fixed. Thanks for being patient.

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Annie said...

Ooops! I just checked mine, and I had done it without following the spreadsheet.
The spreadsheet was invaluable to me. I'm thinking of knitting Tweedie soon, and I'm wondering if I can hire you to create a spreadsheet for that as well! ;)

Should have pics of my completed Mermaid today or tomorrow. I love it!