Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I have finished my mermaid, it is very pretty and I am happy it with except for the sleeves, which seems more appropriate for a gorilla than me. My fault, I should have measured the length and my gauge was slightly off. I am thinking about either cutting off 2" or reknitting them. Any experience or advices with cutting off a piece would be appreciated.
I did mange to shrink it a bit after the picture was taken by putting it in the dryer, but do not guarantee that it will work for you. For now, I will just wear it and then decide what to do in a while:-)


mydogpetey said...

How lovely! Excellent work! I will be making Mermaid as soon as I finish up everything else I have on the needles so I can give her my full attention.

I've never cut sleeves before - I've always ripped out and reknitted, but I've read about many people who have had success.

It's beautiful!

amy! said...

Yay Ulla! It's gorgeous!

Marie said...

It's gorgeous!!! You will love wearing it!!

Merete said...

It's so lovely. I really look forward to finish mine.
Perhaps you could use a sewing machine then cut and at last knit some rows to end it all.

HPNY Knits said...

it looks wonderful. I am just now waiting for my kit to arrive.
I once had to cut sleeves, under the guidance of my friend Barbara. What I did was insert 3 DP needles in the stitches in the row before the one you cut, very carefully. make sure all are the same row. Cut, gently, the row before the needles, towards the edge. Make sure all stitches face the right way, and knit the edge!
It was scary at first, and Barbara was there to cheer me on, but it was not too bad.

sherry said...

That is beautiful. congrats.

Ana said...

That is really nice, you probably get a lot of compliments. Do you have a picture of the back?

Would you knit another?

Did you find the pattern easy to follow?

strikkeforsker said...

Ana, here is a picture from Hanne Falkenbergs web page:

yes, I would knit another in a few years probably the blue/turquoise version, but I will make the sleeves 2" shorter. The pattern is readily modified.

I did not have any trouble reading the pattern (in Danish). The directions may seem complicated, but are straight forward once you get started. Just remember to read to the end of the section.