Friday, April 07, 2006

Mermaid is FINISHED!!!!

I finished my Mermaid a few days ago but ran out of the slate gray for the i-cord on the sleeves. The sweater is being finished by an expert because I am not great at seaming garter stitch and wanted the finished product to look perfect. MY LYS, Sit-N-Knit in West Hartford, CT has ordered the yarn I need to finish the i-cord but I am so anxious to wear it I may use the light gray so I can get some use out of it before the weather turns too warm. A huge thank you goes to Amy, I wouldn't have been able to finish it without your wonderful spreadsheet!

I am also thinking about making another Hanne probably the Pagode in Cerise/poppy #7. No one seems to have that version in stock. I figure if I get right to it I'll be finished by fall.


Patty in AZ said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see a picture.

sherry said...

That is so wonderful Holly, yes hurry and post!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Holly! Try Cucumber Patch, she was happy to order any colorway she didn't have in stock and it was rather a quick ship considering they are across the "big pond". My local shop (Westport, CT) carries several of the kits and colorways. I too am in CT and I'll be watching for HF sweaters this spring and fall.