Sunday, April 09, 2006


I am Merete from Denmark and I bought my first HF kit (Mermaid #3) yesterday in Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen. I could try the jacket on and it was difficult to choose between all the lovely colours. I chose the turquoise but instead of the Sea Blue I bought a more greyish blue. The Sea Blue was too lilac to my taste. I bought some special needles too. The cord was cut in two. Perhaps some of you have experience using them but they are my first. I am very anxious to get started and very happy for all the advice I already have read on this site.


Ava said...

Welcome! You'll have fun knitting Mermaid. I'm knitting Mermaid 7. I don't understand what is happening with your needles. Can you upload a picture of them?

sherry said...

welcome. your colors are beautiful on that mermaid.