Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Loving the Mermaid Knitting!

I really enjoy knitting the Mermaid! I normally don't like garter stitch, finding it boring after a while. But there are enough things going on here, that I find myself eager to keep going. I hope to be at the middle of the back by the end of Thursday. We'll see if I can do that. This photo is of the progress through last night, I've finished that gusset and am working on the next stripe pattern.

I didn't like dropping the gusset yarn, so I'm carrying it up the hem, fastening it every row that has the sl2wyf. Thanks for that tip! Makes a much cleaner edge.


Denise/CT said...

Looking good. I too usually get bored with garter stich but like you, there was enough going on in her pattern Lastrada that the "just one more row" attitude took over.

Anonymous said...

So what colorway is this? Love the colors.

I'm going to start this project soon and will need all the help I can get.

Thank goodness for knitalongs, huh?