Sunday, October 29, 2006

Diva on her way

I have finished the stripy part, and will now go on with the blue part.


Arja said...

wow, you're moving fast! isn't Diva the prettiest thing you've ever made?
I started mine half a year ago, but took a break during summer and am now almost done with the body part thing. summer was simply too hot to knit, and then there was quilting and other knitting projects and life and you know, all that stuff that gets in your way. but i'm counting on wearing my purple & aubergine Diva some time this winter, looking forward to it.

Rikke said...

I think it's a very nice piece to knit.
I have had no doubt how to knit it so far, but now I don't quite get it. I have - as you see - started knitting the solid part, and I'm not so sure of what to do. I have an idea, which I am trying out, but I'm not sure whether or not I have to frog this part in the end...
I have the danish version, so it will be hard for me to quote the part.
I have knit the 8 ribs (siza small) of MC, and now I've come to a part with decreases and short-rows.
I am uncertain of how to do this.
Am I supposed to make a decrease on this first row, and on the same row make the short-rows?
And shall I make the decrease again on the 7. rib of short-rows?
Then I knit a row where I knit all of the stitches (and the row back again).
But then what?
Should I then just repeat what I've just done, or should I knit decreases 13 times more before I repeat?

As you see, I'm stuck. It's quite a bit just to knit and frog, knit and frog, so I hope someone cam help me...

Arja said...

after the 8 ribs, two things will happen at the same time. 1: decrease at the beginning of every 7th ridge. 2: instead of knitting the enitre row, you will knit short rows.

1 is easy. simply decrease, as the pattern describes, by knitting two together inside the 3 edge-stitches. do this every seventh rib.

2 looks complicated but is really not hard. you simply stop knitting the entire ridge by turning your work 12 st before reaching the end, yarn over and knit back to the beginning. this was your first short ridge. the second short ridge you knit until you are 5 stitches away from the previous turning point. third short ridge is like the 2nd, so your turning point happens earlier every ridge. eventually you are turning very close to the beginning of your row. you will see this shapes the collar into a curve.

don't forget the yarn-overs after every short row turn. these are later knit together with the next stitch, in order to prevent holes at the turning points. it really works well!

the 9 ridges with only the occasional (7th ridge) decrease AND the 12 short rows are repeated 4 times.

hope this helps. i know how hard it can look, but it really isn't too complicated. just use those stich markers at every 7th row when you decrease, keep those decreases going while you are short rowing.

and please don't finish Diva before I do!!! LOL

Rikke said...

Thank you very much! It was a big help. I will try not to finish before you, but I don't think it will be a problem since I have a lot to do at the moment LOL
I will surely return if I need more help, but right now it make sence.
Thank you!