Monday, April 23, 2007

Ludo jacket - progress

Finally! Some progress on my son´s LUDO jacket.
I actually almost finished the first half before measuring gauge - call me lazy. And I´m spot on, to the millimeter! The reason for measuring were the super-wide arms, which are as they should be according to the pattern. I will probably try to narrow them down when putting the whole thing together, and if I´m feeling very brave I´ll even cut off the excess (after thorough sewing of course).

This jacket has really been playing a few games on me, as it seems what is referred to as the wrong side and the right side in the pattern seems to change throughout. This gave me an odd number of rows, and it just went horribly wrong. I ripped it several times before I finally understood that it was actually ok, it just ended up beeing backwards/opposite sides compared to the pattern.

Also, since the pattern is juuust boring enough to seemingly let me concentrate on watching TV or surfing while knitting, every now and then I would forget to knit two together every other row, alternatively forgetting not to knit two together in the pattern rows. Deeming me to more ripping. So even though it is simple, this project needs concentration!

This has been a bit of an irritating project, actually. But I seem to have the hang of it now, soon ready with the second and last part.

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Denise/CT said...

Looking nice. You'll be glad you made the effort when it is finished. You said it in a nut shell, boring simple knitting, but needs concentration. Forward and onward, your almost there!!!