Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been reading everyone's posts and loving your HF knits. I finished my Mermaid back in March of 2006. I'm just now reading to think about starting the Tweedie kit I already have.

I took one look at the directions and I'm totally confused;

"Knit 3 rows from the same side....each row with a separate ball. Slide stitches back to other end of needle between each row. Then turn and knit one row from the other side of work using all three colors at the same time."

Is it just me, or is that totally confusing? Do I knit each row three times? Yikes! Has anyone started Tweedie or knit it in the past and do you have any clues for me?

Thanks in advance.



Becky said...

Let me start this by saying I do not have the Tweedie kit so I am saying this based only on what you wrote.

It sounds to me like you are basically knitting a 4 row pattern. You will need to use a circular needle. Knit row 1 with color A. Then, leave A hanging off the left edge, do not turn your work, and instead slide the stitches to the other side and knit across with B. Again, do not turn your work, but leave B hanging with A, slide your stitches back across to the other side, and knit across with C. Now, turn your work and knit back across with the 3 strands held together. Does that help? I bet that is how she gets the neat texture that Tweedie has - very cool way of doing it, but definitely confusing to read.

Becky said...

Also, although I said Color A-C, it sounds like it might actually be 3 balls of the same color so perhaps think of it as Ball A-C if that is the case.

P.S. Good to see you back in the blogging world, I didn't know you had started blogging again and enjoyed seeing your almost done FLAK sweater!

Denise/CT said...

I agree with Becky. I don't have the Tweedie pattern, but this is how I would interpret the directions. Perhaps you could cast on 20 stitches and try it out to see if it gives you the texture and pattern shown in the picture.
Be sure and send the blog pic's. I can't wait to see this. I hadn't really looked at the pattern before.

Hope said...

I have knit Tweedie. You knit a row with color A. Then you slide the knitting back to the beg of the row and knit a row with color B. Then slide back to the beginning of the row and knit a row with color C. Then all 3 colors are at the end of the row and you knit BACK with all 3 of them. If you need more help e-mail me privately.

Annie said...

Thank you everyone! It's starting to make more sense to me. But with a lot of knitting, it just takes me getting started and trying it to understand the written instructions.

Thanks again!