Sunday, April 22, 2007

Question on Ballerina spreadsheet for Amy

I was reading the updated spreadsheet for Ballerina size m/l and here is my question. I notice that it ends with Row 1302 with only a single transition row being knit. Is this the final row or do I need to do a couple of more transition rows as per the first sleeve? Page 43 doesn't indicate that you knit any rows although row 1304 is partially filled out. I am thrilled beyond belief that you were able to provide this for all of us who would nevere have been able to knit this garment without your remarkable tool. Many thanks over and over again.


amy! said...

Sherri --

You will be knitting more transition rows, I just stopped there in my last update because the transition rows are a good breaking point to make sure everything syncs up with the pattern.

I hope to finish the spreadsheet soon, so it's one less thing I have to worry about. But my house goes on the market on May 4 and I have a lot of stuff to do for it in the next 11 days. Eek!

sherri said...

Thanks, Amy. Much appreciated.