Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hallo everybody who knows / and remembers the PYRAMIDE-chaos of last September!

After almost 7 months of knitting I'm really proud to present the 3/4 finished jumper and I would be even prouder if this piece of art would fit me.
the jumper is simply too short - it fits well at arms & shoulders but 5-8 cm more in length would be needed. Right now I'm finishing off the sleeves and the neck - and I hope to get some good ideas of how I can add some length.
Has anyone come across a similar probelm ?

Any suggestions welcome !

Gruss Eva


amy! said...

If all you want to do is add length, I'd pick up stitches along the bottom front and continue the stripes down the bottom. You can either work them in the round all the way around, or you could do a front panel and a back panel and leave the slits open at the side, maybe finished with applied i-cord.

Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

I'm with amy!, I think continuing the stripes down the front would look nice. Have you blocked it at all to see if you can add length that way?

Anonymous said...

Pyramide is short, isn't it? I can imagine it looks different from what you had expected, when you finally see your almost finished item. I have this T-shirt that I really love, but it's way too short. I wear a similar colour undershirt underneath and it looks fine. Perhaps that's a solution for you if adding length doesn't work out. Or how about simply adding thick black strip at the bottom as to not disturb the striped pattern?

Elaine said...

What I would do is pick up the stiches all around and add a ribbed bottom like most sweaters have.

Anonymous said...

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