Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ballerina Help

Hello Ballerina knitters. Can someone please help me with the pattern symbols? On side 3(noted at bottom of pattern page) column 1 about halfway down, there are some strange symbols which I can't figure out and I have searched everywhere for an explanation. After it says At The Same ends with Work 1 ridge-then work short rows to make sleeve slant towards raglan seam (6) to (8) -Then there is the first symbol. The second symbol appears after Ridge 2 . Then I see another one of these symbols at the top of the next column-almost looks like 4 $ signs. What are these crazy symbols? I am going crazy trying to figure them out.


amy! said...

They're place markers in the pattern. In other places she uses squares and triangles. Later on, she will say something like "repeat from $$ to $$$". And you go and find that part of the pattern and repeat the section between those symbols.

sherri said...

You're a genius. I feel so stupid, Amy. Again, my thanks for sending the spreadsheet. I think of your kindness daily.I know you are busy now, but I'll look forward to receiving the last part when time allows. We are all very grateful to you.