Saturday, January 06, 2007

New member on the blog

Hello everyone!

I´m new to this blog, my name is Marianne and I´m knitting a Hanne Falkenberg LUDO jacket for my son in colour 5.
I´m purposely choosing an easy - and small - first project just to see if I get along with the HF patterns.
Next, I plan to do the lovely Lascala Scarf! There are so many lovely items I would just love to knit, and I´m eagerly following all your progress with different patterns and colours to see what motivation may strike.

I have to read a little bit more about what rules you have for uploading pictures and such before I show you my progress so far, but please have a look at my blog for updates on the LUDO jacket and my other knitting projects. I´ve already had a few small run-ins with both the yarn, cast-on and pattern but now everything seems to be going well :)

Marianne in Norway


Becky said...

Marianne, please post any progress pictures you have. We love pictures and don't have any restrictions.

Cheryl said...

I love the Lascala scarf, would love to see pics...

Linda said...

Hi Marianne!
I just started a Lascala scarf and once you get the 241 stitches cast on, it's actually kind of fun knitting. I created a little chart that is easier to read than Hanne's in PDF format. I'd be happy to send it to you when you are ready to start.

Enjoy your knitting!