Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Diva at 22

Here's Diva after a dozen-or-so hours of knitting, and she's 14.5"/ 37cm from base to peak. I wish I had fewer WIPs so I could concentrate only on Diva, but I'm easily bored and distracted so am forever casting on.

This photo shows 21 cyclamen/ plum stripes completed, of which I need 27 for size medium. At this exact moment I am halfway through the 22nd stripe, it's really hard to see here, but there are ~300 pink stitches on the needle. I WILL knit through till the 27th stripe tonight, eek it's almost midnight already.

The fabric is nice and squishy, light and huggable, and I love it. Lots of people notice Diva as I knit in public often, she's cute and gets a lot of attention. I answer more questions about this little beauty than any other project. Diva is simply beautiful.



Art & Disorder said...

Its tricô is wonderful!...BRASIL

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

yes I agree with you completely! this is a very wonderful fabric, it drapes and moves so well, I want to wear it right now :)

knitknut said...

I am loving your colors...great job

Cheryl said...

Love your colors